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        Chongqing Senbei Qichen Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. was established in 2022. Based on the principle of "professionalism, integrity and convenience", the company provides customers with standardized humanized and standardized one-stop used car trading services, and is committed to meeting all the needs of users, ensuring that users enjoy worry-free and happy transactions. Efforts will be made to build a first-class and leading second-hand car trading place, and promote the sound and rapid development of regional automobile trade.

        Our business mainly includes: second-hand car distribution; second-hand new energyvehicle sales; charging pile sales;auto parts retail; auto parts wholesale; auto accessories sales; auto parts research anddevelopment; new energy vehiclebattery swap facility sales ;New energy vehicle electrical accessories sales; electric vehiclecharging infrastructureoperation; tram sales; new energy vehicle waste power battery recycling and cascade utilization(excluding hazardouswaste management); car washing service; used car appraisal and evaluation; tire sales; plug-intype Hybrid specialengine sales; Internet sales (except for sales of goods that require licenses); business agencyservices, etc...

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